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Saturday 15th June 2019 19:30

8-Bit Symphony

Event: 8-Bit Symphony

Hull College presents a celebration of the forgotten golden age of British computing games with the world premiere of the 8-Bit Symphony: 90+  minutes of game music from the Commodore 64, ZX Specrum and Amstrad CPC, performed by the Hull Philharmonic Orchestra.

Lovingly re-orchestrated in the spirit of the original, with five orchestrated by the legendary Rob Hubbard himself, 8-bit has never sounded so joyful, nor so epic. Covering genres from Kung-Fu movies to 80s epic Sci-fi, to John Williams-esque romps, it’s like discovering a world of lost 80s film soundtracks: the best melodies and biggest sound . . . to honour much-overlooked genius.